Unethical Behavior by Toys R Us

So, Toys R Us has this neat functionality where a child can set up a wish list. My nephew set one up a few months ago, and it was very useful when deciding what to get him for Christmas.

I simply got on the Toys R Us website, put in his name and location, and up popped a list of everything he wanted. I picked out a couple of items and ordered them.

Very convenient.

Except that this morning (four days after I had placed the order), I received an email from Toys R Us that one of the items I had ordered was not available. As a result, they cancelled that part of the order.

Ok, it would have been nice to have been given an option to back order the item, but it’s not that big of a deal. I can understand not wanting to deal with back orders during the busy Christmas season. I got back on his wish list and began looking for a replacement item to order.

Except that the item I had previously ordered was still there. And was listed as in stock.

But now the price had changed from $22.49 to $29.99.

Wait… What?

It seems clear to me that what happened was that they weren’t able to get that item at the old price. Instead of honoring the sale, they just cancelled the item from my order.

Very slimy, in my opinion.

Feeling burned, I jumped on Amazon to see if they had it. Yep, and it was only $16.00.

Guess who got my order?

Guess who’s going to get my future orders?

3 Comments on “Unethical Behavior by Toys R Us

  1. Rick B

    Money talks…bull$h!t walks, as they say.

    Recently there was another sale I saw where a nationally known company offered a crazy deal on a pair of expensive Steiner binoculars. After a couple of hundred orders went in from website I frequent, the price was revoked.

    Needless to say they saw they light with regard to honoring orders. Bad press can spread really, really fast.

  2. Anna

    Yeah, I had a similar experience w/them just the other day. I ordered a buncha crap for my kid, the promo was get free shipping on orders over $100. I ordered $187, to be exact, and in my shopping cart, the shipping had been deducted. AWESOME!

    But wait….a few days later, I’m looking at my email confirmation, and there’s $20 of shipping on there. I called them and asked them what the deal was. He then begins to look at my order and explains that the free shipping offer was only good on CERTAIN items, and that SOME of my order has these certain items, but not ALLLL of my order, so I was $5.00 shy of getting that free shipping. MOTHEREFFER! So I agree with you – Amazon knows how to do it right. You know what you’re getting and since I’m a Prime Member, I can usually get it in two days for free. So screw Toys R Us.

  3. Krista

    Have heard this from SO many people posting on the Toys’R’Us Facebook page. Yet somehow these posts are magically DELETED! When asked why, the FB admin gives a cut-and-paste response that “any posts containing offensive key words, phrases…outbound links…personal information…are automatically deleted by our filter.” But somehow the “filter” can let posts with the “n” word slip right by! I created a Facebook page of my own “Boycott Toys’R’Us” where people can post their experiences and be assured they WON’T be swept under the rug by TRU corporate robots.

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