A&M Sends ‘Dear John’ Letter to Big 12

Surprising no one, except perhaps the Big 12-2’s Dan Beebe, Texas A&M University has given notice that they intend to leave the conference.

The reality is that A&M has been under Texas’ shadow for a long time. I can’t blame them for wanting out. In fact, they should have gone last summer when everything was happening with Nebraska and Colorado.

But they didn’t. And the Aggie fanbase just got more and more angry and frustrated.

I, for one, will be sorry to see them go, and don’t expect Texas will play them in any sports once they’ve left. This video takes the sting away a bit, however.

It should also be noted that this is probably the beginning of the game, not the end. We can expect countermoves by Baylor in particular, as they stand to lose the most from a dissolving of the Big 12-2. They’ll probably take action both in the courts and the Texas legislature.

I’m not sure what Texas’ move is at this point.

There’s a rumor that we’re recruiting Notre Dame and BYU as replacements. Both would benefit from being in a conference that has no problem with individual university TV stations. I don’t see either as likely, however. Possible, but not likely.

Most probable is that we join the Pac 12 (along with OU, Okie Lite and probably Texas Tech), and the Longhorn Network becomes some sort of regional network. Money can solve a lot of things.

I don’t see us going independent, but that rumor won’t die. I hope it does die soon.

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