Debbie Gibson and Tiffany on Good Morning America

Ok, I came of age in the 80’s. Neither Debbie Gibson or Tiffany were my favorite singers, but I’m sure they could be heard on occasion from the hi-fi stereo in my AMC Concord!

So, when The Wife asked me to watch them on Good Morning America with her, I agreed.

Debbie Gibson looks pretty much the same, albeit older. For her age, she looks great though. Don’t understand why she dresses like Britney Spears though.

She sounded horrible, though. Screamed through most of her songs. The Wife wondered if she was high.

Tiffany looks like the years have been hard on her. She still sounds good, though, even though she’s gone country (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

After the performances, I went to the source of all things event comedy, Twitter. Here are some of my favorite comments:

@BonBee23: Watching Debbie Gibson try and perform like Britney Spears. Eek, someone hit the breaker on her electric youth, it blew a fuse!

@Notketchup: Oh DEBRA Gibson. You are too old to wear that outfit. Holy cellulite.

@OneHeadlightInk: who let these crazy cougars loose on morning TV to sing Karaoke

@stovetop617: I think Debbie Gibson and Tiffany trying to hold on to their title as teen pop queens is more embarrassing than I expected.

@marycompton: I think the rain at the @GMA concert is helping everyone’s 80s-inspired hair!

@jenmoses: Debbie Gibson needs to spend less time with her personal trainer (looking good, girl) and more with the vocal coach.

@LizManganiello: way too many embarrassing close-ups during the GMA #ilovethe80s concert right now. not the concert you want to get caught on camera at.

Editor/s Note: I thought the same thing. The guy wearing the “Team Debbie” t-shirt was particularly sad.

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