Top Twelve Best LeBron James Jokes

I’m actually not a LeBron James hater. I thought he had every right to “take his talents to South Beach”, although the extravagant manner in which he did it (and the flashy and foolish press conference/celebration in Miami) were a bit unwise. And his prediction that he would win at least eight championships was premature, to say the least.

So, I was more pulling for the Mavericks than against the Heat, but I have to say the jokes that have come out about LeBron have been entertaining. Here are some of my favorites.

12. Tomorrow is Lebron James day, everyone gets to leave work 12 minutes early.

11. What does LeBron James have in common with a fabric store? Neither carries any hardware.

10. Why didn’t LeBron James go to college? Because he can’t pass the finals.

9. If LeBron wanted a ring that bad, he should have stayed in Ohio and bought one from Terrell Pryor.

8. The new movie called “The Fourth” will star LeBron James as the Invisible Man.

7. Why did LeBron James get an automatic transmission in his Lamborghini? He’s not good in the clutch.

6. LeBron James is set to release his own line of headphones. The sound quality is amazing as it has no ring.

5. LeBron James was just traded to the Florida Panthers. He should be wildly successful, since in the NHL, there are only 3 periods.

4. What’s the difference between Saturn and LeBron James? They’re both big and full of gas, but at least Saturn has rings.

3. Why does LeBron only get served boneless buffalo wings? Because he has a tendency to choke.

2. Apple is coming out with a LeBron James iPhone. But it only vibrates because it has no rings.

1. No one ever asks LeBron James for change of a dollar. They know they won’t get a fourth quarter.

Sources: Mostly Twitter, but also various articles I’ve read over the last 36 hours…

13 Comments on “Top Twelve Best LeBron James Jokes

  1. Blair

    These are so corny

  2. K1ng Eljay

    Ok, I dunno about you Blair, but these are HILARIOUS, lmaooooooooo

  3. zac

    5 was the only one i laughed at

  4. brandon

    I’m a lebron james fan who can laugh at all the jokes and situation he put hims, but these are not funny, not even close.

  5. brian

    9 is hilarious

  6. Chris

    I hate LeBron, and love LeBron jokes, but these are just awful. The Terrell Pryor one is good, but the others are lame.

  7. Ashley

    No. These are flippin’ hilarious. I use these all the time when I come across a Miami Heat fan. Boston baby!

  8. Kobe

    Go Lakers! Lebron sucks…So anything against lebron is good with me!

  9. Ihateheatandlakers

    lol Lakers and Heat sucks, mavs for life, always have been a mavs fan, celtics are boss as well. btw, funny 🙂

  10. Ledouche James

    hahahahaha these are hilarious. And the only people who don’t think these are funny are the ones who for some reason still put up with LBJ’s pure feeling of superiority over all human beings

  11. Chad

    The funny thing is that Miami fans don’t show up for the 4th quarter either. Seriously, an elimination game in the NBA Finals and fans are leaving early?! Only in Miami.

  12. Keith

    Hilarious stuff, and he’s going to take his talents to the 4th quarter this year?

  13. Tony

    12 is hilarious. That is all.

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