American Idol Top Eleven Redux Performances

With the Judges Save being used on Casey last week, two people go home tonight. It’s definitely not a good week to have a bad performance.

The theme of the week is Elton John songs, so we’re clearly using the highly constrained themes this season. Too bad, I liked the looser approach of the first couple of weeks.

And, I like Elton John, but how can the producers expect the performers to develop their own style if they’re forced into a particular one?

Anyways, on to the performances…

Scotty McCreery
Country Comfort

Scotty picks the one Elton John song that has the word “country” in its title. Really.

The lyrics are very difficult to understand. I could only pick out every other word or so. The sound was decent, but a bit boring.

I liked the ending, though. And not only because it was over.

The Wife: I’d like to hear the studio version. The mixing on the live performance seemed off.

Naima Adedapo
I’m Still Standing

I really liked the concept of a Jamaican version of this song.

The Wife: Where is the accent coming from, though? She doesn’t have one.

I agree. The accent put it way over the top. It would be like my trying to sing with a Scottish accent. Sure, I am a Scotsman, but trying to sing that way would sound stupid.

Great concept, but it didn’t work the way she did it. Her pitch was all over the place as well.

Paul McDonald
Rocket Man

The Wife: I like it. It suits his voice.

It was his best since “Maggie May”.

Pia Toscano
Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me

Yeah, it’s another ballad, but most of the Elton John songbook is ballads. It’s also one of the more overplayed songs on American Idol.

But, Pia killed it. Yet again. Maybe she should keep doing ballads.

Stefano Langone
Tiny Dancer

My favorite Elton John song of all, but the arrangement was horrible. Stefano’s singing wasn’t much better.

The Wife: He takes the pizzaz out of songs, and then over-sings them.

Lauren Alaina
Candle in the Wind

A rough start, but she pulled it together quickly. And once she got going, it was really good.

James Dubin
Saturday Night’s Alright

Not his best vocal, but a very entertaining performance.

The money the saved on Simon Cowell clearly went towards pyrotechnics.

Thia Megia

The sound was nice enough, but it was a bit of a cruise ship performance.

The Wife: Yeah, nothing special.

Casey Abrams
Your Song

I like the trimmed hair and beard.

The Wife: He looks better, and sounds good too. He doesn’t look crazy anymore.

His best vocal in a few weeks.

Jacob Lusk
Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word

He definitely over-sang it, but I kinda liked it.

The Wife: He looks like he’s about to start sobbing every time he sings.

Haley Reinhart
Bennie & the Jets

The Wife: I liked it, and I didn’t think I was going to.

Yeah, somehow it worked. The arm swinging and waving was a bit strange, however.

The best performances of the night were a tie between Casey and Pia. Then James, Lauren, and Paul in that order.

The weakest performances were Naima, Stefano and Thia. I think Stefano is almost certainly going home, and probably Thia as well.

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