Greg Davis Out as Offensive Coordinator

While there’s no official word, everybody under the sun is reporting that Greg Davis is being moved to an administrative position within Belmont. Many believe that an official announcement will be made either Friday or Saturday.

Top names being given as Holgorsen (Oklahoma State) and Malzahn (Auburn). The former studied under Leach, and Okie Light had one of the most balanced, consistent offenses this year that didn’t have a mallard as a mascot.

And there’s been some speculation that Malzahn thinks things could get ugly at Auburn regarding Cam Newton. I’m not sure I buy that, but taking another coordinator from Auburn would be all kinds of awesome.

While Major Applewhite is unlikely to be named Offensive Coordinator, word is that he’ll be taking a greater roll in the design of the offense, and that he could be promoted to OC in the future.

I’m also hearing that Jeff Madden will be given another role within the program. Will Muschamp has made it clear that he wants to go another direction with strength and conditioning. We certainly did get pushed around a lot this season.

We’ll see. Nothing is real until it’s announced by Belmont, but this is the strongest indications I’ve seen yet.

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