Florida Atlantic Predictions

Florida Atlantic is just not a very good team, and Texas will easily ro… Jeez, I couldn’t even get that out.

Look, the Longhorn team is fully capable of losing to any FBS Division team, and probably quite a few FCS teams. They’ve poorly coached, and what little talent we’ve been able to field has had a bad run of injuries.

We’re just a bad team. In retrospect, there haven’t been any gimmes on this schedule since we played Rice, and I’m thinking that game may have been closer than it seemed.

Still, with two games left this season, I think we win one of them.

Most likely, we win today against FAU and then lose Thanksgiving night. The win today will give them just enough confidence to lay a real egg against the Aggies.

Or, if we lose today, I think we dig deep and find just enough pride to win in five days.

Winning both games (and becoming bowl eligible) seems very unlikely. I haven’t seen anything this season that suggests we have that degree of consistency.

More likely is that we lose both, although I don’t think we will.

And, as a result, Mack Brown will get to spend Black Friday deciding which is more important, his friendship with Greg Davis, or the University of Texas Football Program.

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