Initial Thoughts on the iPhone 4

This week, I upgraded from the original iPhone to the iPhone 4. I ordered using the Apple Store app on June 16th (the second day of pre-ordering). It shipped from China on July 1st and was delivered into my hands July 6th. It set at the FedEx office in Austin for three days due to the holiday.

The packaging was the usual minimalistic Apple, with the phone, a set of headphones, a USB cable, a charger and a bit of documentation.

Converting over to the new phone was amazingly easy. I plugged it in to my MacBook and iTunes asked whether it was a new phone. I told it “no”, and it copied over the settings from my old phone. It remembered which podcasts, apps and playlists I wanted on the phone, and even copied over my background image.

Other than re-entering passwords for my email accounts and a couple of apps, it was pretty much seamless. Apple truly excels at this.

Syncing Bluetooth with my MINI was easy and has been very stable so far.

The phone is much faster than my old phone, but I did jump over two generations entirely. Apps also seem much more stable.

GPS in the phone is wonderful (yes, I was on the original iPhone). Yelp and GoSkyWatch are particularly improved.

It seems like the max volume is lower than on my old phone. Generally that wouldn’t matter, but the podcast version of NewsHour is often sampled at a very low volume. It was a bit hard to hear in the gym yesterday.

I’ve only had one call drop so far, and I’m not sure if that was my end or the other. AT&T seems to work decently in Austin, fortunately.

The problem with having to avoid holding the phone in a certain way is truly goofy, although I’ve managed to avoid the problem, and now I have a set of the bumpers that fixes it. Apple should fix this at their own cost. It can’t be viewed as anything but a design flaw.

This is really the only negative I’ve discovered so far. It’s an attractive phone, that is easy and comfortable to use. We’ll see if I get as much use out of it as I did the original iPhone.

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