American Idol Top 20 Performances (Men)

The ladies were scheduled to perform Tuesday night, but a trip to the hospital by Crystal Bowersox shuffled things up. Instead, the guys went on last night, and they showed marked improvement from last week.

Michael Lynche
It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World by James Brown

Solid performance by Big Mike. He beginning to look like the best of the guys, and might just be a contender to win the thing. His vocal was great, but his stage theatrics looks a bit forced once or twice.

John Park
Gravity by John Mayer

Much better than last week. Some pitchiness throughout, and one really bad note.

Did a decent job with a slow song that could have been boring. But that might just be his benefitting from low expectations. The judges absolutely hated it.

Casey James
I don’t Want to Be by Gavin DeGraw

Casey can really play the guitar! That alone made the performance of an American Idol over-played song interesting.

I thought the vocal was solid, but the judges didn’t love it. I agree that it probably wasn’t as good as last week’s vocal.

Alex Lambert
Everybody Knows by John Legend

Don’t love the song, and Alex is having pitch problems again. The Wife points out that he has no heart in his performance; he’s just signing it.

The judges rave again about his tone. I just don’t get it. I find it nasally and unpleasant.

Todrick Hall
What’s Love Got to Do With It by Tina Turner

The tempo is too slow, and it emphasizes the weakenesses in his voice. The Wife says it’s a bit boring, but the second half of the song is better than the first.

The judges rake Todrick over the coals for again doing to much with a song. They tell him he should just pick a good song and sign it. Of course, when anyone does that, they say that the performer didn’t put any of him or herself into the song.

Here’s the thing… It’s not how much you do with a song, it’s what you do with it. David Cook took Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean and Lionel Richie’s Hello and turned them into rock songs.

But they were still recognizable as the original song, and they were very entertaining. While Todrick’s performance last night was recognizable (unlike last week), it just wasn’t entertaining.

Jermaine Sellers
What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye

Somehow, this arrangement and performance sounds older than the original. How do you do that with a song that’s nearly four decades old?

The Wife thought his voice sounded good, but it was elevator music.

Andrew Garcia
You Give Me Something by James Morrison

The Wife said this performance reminded her of Danny Gokey a bit, but she liked it.

I thought it was a nice vocal, and got stronger as he went through the song. There certainly were some pitch problems, however.

The judges chastise him for not being as good as he was in Hollywood Week, which is probably fair criticism.

Aaron Kelly
My Girl by The Temptations

Why do contestants insist on trying to do songs that were originally performed by an ensemble? It rarely works out well.

The Wife thought it was a good performance, but she put him in the middle of the pack for the night.

I thought the performance was nice, but something didn’t quite work for me. There was also some definite pitchiness on the high notes.

Tim Urban
Come On, Get Higher by Matt Nathanson

Much better than last week. Not bad, I thought, but that might again be the benefit of low expectations.

The Wife said that he has a very thin sounding voice.

Lee Dewyze
Lips of an Angel by Hinder

I thought it was another solid performance. He definitely improved on Hinder’s original, not that this is a very high bar.

The Wife noted some pitchiness, but liked the sound of his voice.

I agree. Dewyze may have the best voice among the guys.

The worst two of the night were Todrick Hall and Jermaine Sellers. With still backing Time Utban, they may both go home. Alex Lambert was also rather bad, so he might be in the mix.

The best of the night was Michael Lynche, by far. Casey James and Lee Dewyze tied for second, but are a ways back.

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