A Great Time to be a Longhorn Fan

BCS National Championship - Alabama v Texas

Going into the BCS championship game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Texas Longhorns, if you had told me that with four minutes left in the game, we would be down by three points and have the ball, I would have said I liked our chances. If you had told me that we would get there with our true freshman quarterback, I would have told you that you were nuts.

After a very ugly first half, most of America thought the Longhorns would be blown off the field in the second half. I’ll admit that I was worried it was going to get ugly.

Instead, the Longhorns dug deep and were playing for the win late in the game. And while the final score differential as seventeen (thanks for showing your ass, Coach Saban), Texas proved their strength of heart and depth of talent on that field.

It wasn’t the outcome I wanted, but I couldn’t be prouder of this team. Colt, Sergio, Jordan and the rest of the seniors will be missed. As will Earl Thomas, who has announced he will leave early for the NFL.

After watching the adjustments in the second half, I’m much more confident that Garrett Gilbert will be able to settle into his role as starting quarterback quickly. That kid has a cannon. I thought next year would be one for rebuilding, but another conference championship seems quite possible.

On the basis of their no quit attitude, Texas finished second in both polls. They join the most recent baseball and women’s volleyball teams in finishing as the second best team in the country.

And today, after a loss by the University of Kansas to Tennessee, the men’s basketball team will achieve its first ever top ranking in that sport. The depth of this team is astounding, and while there certainly are weaknesses, they are positioning themselves for a very deep run in the tourney.

Top to bottom, the University of Texas’ athletic program is as strong as it’s ever been. And I couldn’t be happier to be a Longhorn fan.

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