Mike Leach Suspended

The Austin American Statesman’s Cedric Golden and Suzanne Halliburton are reporting on Twitter that Mike Leach, the head coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders, has been suspended indefinitely. Apparently, this has something to do with an injured player and a complaint by a player (or his parents).

Ruffin McNeill will coach the team at the Alamo Bowl on January 2nd.

It’s not yet clear whether the suspension will extend beyond the bowl game, but this is not the sign of a healthy coach-university relationship. When will Mike Leach and Texas Tech realize that they’re not going to do better than each other?

Update 1: Unsubstantiated reports are that Craig James son, Adam , was forced to sit in an electrical closet for several hours when he a concussion prevented him from practicing. Craig complained to the Texas Tech administration, and given that the complaint was coming from a sports commentator for ESPN, the Texas Tech administration decided that it had better look into the complaint.

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