Florida’s Coaching Vacancy and Head Coaches-in-Waiting

Louisiana Monroe v Texas

With Urban Meyer’s announcement yesterday that he is stepping down after Florida’s bowl game, I’ll confess that I was a bit concerned about Will Muschamp being offered the job. I expect Florida wants a defensive minded coach with experience in the SEC. Texas’ defensive coordinator certainly fits that description.

And if the Gators came a’calling, I don’t see how Muschamp wouldn’t answer. I’m one of the biggest Longhorn homers in Austin, but even I can’t convince myself that head coach of Texas sometime in the future is better than head coach of Florida now.

However, the more I think about the situation, the less worried I become.

I don’t think that Florida is likely to take a chance on a first time head coach, unless that person comes from within the program. While I think Muschamp will be a great head coach, he is entirely unproven in that role.

I also believe that Mack Brown and company know more about the timing of their future moves then they’re letting on. I still think DeLoss Dodds retires, and Brown moves up to the Athletic Director’s office.

And I think I happens fairly soon.

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