Honeymoon in Puerto Rico, Part Two

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While in Puerto Rico, we went on an excursion that included a tour of Old San Juan. It was supposed to be a walking tour, but given the heat and humidity of Puerto Rico in July, we thought that was a pretty good idea. Naturally, he mostly wanted to shorten the length of the tour by driving, but we didn’t mind if we got to enjoy the van’s AC.

Old San Juan

The next day, we explored Old San Juan on our own. We walked through the El Convento, where we had thought about staying. It is a beautiful old hotel that used to be a convent. We didn’t stay there as the rooms are apparently quite small, which is not surprising.

Unfortunately, this morning there were also two cruise ships in the Old San Juan harbor. We experienced the true definition of the “Ugly American.” People were rude, impatient, and patient. It got to the point that when we walked into a shop that wasn’t overrun with cruisers, we quickly informed the shopkeeper that we weren’t one of them.

Next (and lastly), we’ll take a look at the “Authentic Dance Show” we attended, which was actually part of the San Juan walking tour.

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