ESPN and the College World Series

I’ve only watched two of the games of the College World Series so far this year (the two Texas Longhorn games, of course). The commentary by ESPN has been horrifically bad for both, however.

First there was Sunday’s game between Texas and Southern Mississippi, which featured an extended discussion of how unimportant Twitter is. This contrasted nicely with ESPN’s promotion of its CWS Twitter feed every fifteen minutes or so.

Then last night during the Texas game against Arizona State, there was a segment revealing the ESPN crew’s favorite sports movie. Orel Hershiser choose “The Sound of Music” as his favorite. Sure, it’s a classic, but a sports movie?

A bit later, they spent several minutes reliving an encounter with Bob Uecker. I’m sure he’s a great guy, but the game was going during all of this!

And just in case you thought that at least the camera work was professional, check out this clip:

Yes, that was a full twenty-seconds of nothing. But at least the segment started with a closeup of Erin Andrews’ backside.

Hat Tip to Awful Announcing for the clip.

So, which of the two topics did you find more annoying during the games, Twitter or movies? If anyone knows of clips of these online, I’d appreciate your pointing me to them. I haven’t managed to find them.

2 Comments on “ESPN and the College World Series

  1. The Wife

    I have to defend Orel’s choice of best sports movie. “The Sound of Music” opens with a scene with Julie Andrews running and singing “The hills are alive with the sound of music…” This could be considered cross country running. There is also a scene where Liesl and her boyfriend Rolfe are in a gazebo dancing and singing “16 going on 17”. They are running on benches and ever so often have to jump from bench to bench. It is like ice dancing but without the ice skates.

    I would have picked “Rudy” but to each his own.

  2. Brian Combs

    The Wife is an expert when it comes to “The Sound of Music”.

    I would have picked either “Rocky” or “Dodgeball”, but my first choice would have been to watch the darn game.

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