Kris Allen is the New American Idol

Congrats to Kris Allen who won Season 8 of American Idol this evening. I just finished watching on DVR, and I’m ready to crash, so a few notes and it’s off to bed for me.

American Idol Season 8 Finale - Arrivals

All in all, the two hour finale was a darn good show. Yes, they had several of those stupid group numbers, but they had quite a few good to great performances as well. And the star power of their guest performers was amazing.

David Cook performed his song “Permanent”, which, given the recent loss of his brother to cancer, was absolutely heart-breaking. The video of his performance is supposed to go on iTunes soon, and all proceeds from the sale of it will go to a cancer fighting organization (I didn’t write down which, unfortunately).

There were a number of duets between an American Idol contestant and a famous performer. In general, these were very good, but Adam Lambert singing with KISS was nothing less than fantastic. There was makeup, pyrotechnics, platform shoes, and tongues wagging. Awesome performance. I felt like I was back in elementary school (like I was when KISS was big).

But the highlight of the night was Adam and Kris singing “We Are the Champions” and being joined by Queen. Wow. I would have given anything to be there for that.

So, congrats to Kris. I’ve thought you had a solid chance of winning ever since you performed “To Make Me Feel Your Love”.

And Adam, go make an album with Queen already. A remake of “Queen Greatest Hits” would work for me.

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