American Idol Top Three Results

With more than 88 million votes cast, and less than one million votes separating first and second place, the smart money remains on Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey to make the finals of the eighth season of American Idol. But is one of AI’s surprise results shows in store for us tonight?

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The Ford Music video was Matthew Wilder’s “Break My Stride”, with graphics reminiscent of A-Ha’s “Take On Me”. Visually interesting, but musically boring.

Wait? No group song? It’s going to be a better night than I expected.

Next up was a surprise visit from Alicia Keys, speaking on behalf of her “Keep A Child Alive” charity. She introduced “Noah” from Rwanda, who performed “I’m the World’s Greatest”. His dancing was nearly as good as Paula’s last week, and his lip syncing was much better.

To begin the results, Danny Gokey is brought out on stage. They recap his trip home to Milwaukee, and the renewal of his bromance with Jamar Rogers. The turnout at his events is amazing. Then Seacrest reviews the judges’ comments and sends him to go wait on the couch.

Next, Kris Allen is brought out. They show his trip to Conway and Little Rock, Arkansas. Again, the turnout was quite large, with an estimated twenty-thousand at one of his stops. Again, the judges’ comments are reviewed and he is sent over to the couch to wait.

The second performance of the night is by American Idol Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks. She performs her new single, “Battlefield”. I didn’t love the song, but it grew on me a bit as she performed. I guess she actually performed live, as she was pitchy in a couple of places.

American Idol front runner Adam Lambert visits Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in California

Finally, Adam Lambert is brought out on stage. His trip home was to San Diego. Not sure why they flew him there. It would have been faster to drive, probably. He returned to his childhood theatre as part of the trip. It was nice to see him close the circle.

Again, Seacrest went through the judges’ comments, and sent him to join Danny and Kris on the couch for Katy Perry’s performance.

Right before the performance, Seacrest was chatting with the guys. Danny revealed that he just wanted to know the results. He was tired of the drama and waiting.

Adam said that he just wanted to see Katy Perry perform. Awesome. Adam clearly has his head on straight.

Katy Perry came out to perform “Waking Up in Vegas”. She started out with her back to the stage, with the cape she was wearing stretched out. It said “Adam Lambert” on it. Then she turned around and revealed her outfit.

Imagine the old, fat, Las Vegas Elvis were magically transformed into a young, hot, woman who wanted to show some skin. The outfit Katy was wearing is what Elvis would have picked in that situation.

The entire performance was over the top, with showgirls and dollars bills falling from the ceiling at the end. I actually liked it, however.

With just a couple of minutes left, it’s finally time for Seacrest to tell us who is in the finals. The first person he reveals as in the finals is Kris Allen. The person joining him is Adam Lambert.

Danny Gokey sings “You Are So Beautiful” again, and heads home.

So, it’s Kris and Adam in the two part finale next week. Should be fun!

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