American Idol Top Four Results

With only four contestants left in the eighth season of American Idol, sixty-four million votes were cast last night. This breaks the record for the most votes cast in a non-finale.

The Ford Music Video used a “cut outs” theme. I should think the last thing the American Idol producers would want is people to be told (reminded?) that their contestants are two-dimensional.

The group number, Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out”, wasn’t as bad as usual. They band was live (as opposed to recorded, as it usually is) and Slash joined them. I don’t know if having Slash on the stage caused them to give it a little more effort, but it’s didn’t completely suck. Not actually good, but far from the worst of the season.

Still don’t understand why Danny insists on adding runs to a rock and roll song.

American Idol judge and former Laker Girl, Paula Abdul performed next. Or, rather, she lip sync’ed her new song, “I’m Just Here for the Music”. It wasn’t horrible, but it was a bit boring. The Wife thought it was better than the Lady Gaga song from earlier in the season.

Next up was No Doubt performing “Just A Girl.” Gwen Stefani pretty much looks just like she did in the video from 1995. But a minute or so into the song, she sounded out of breath. At least she was really singing!

If she’s going to run around that much on tour, she’d better get into better shape. The pushups were impressive, however.

Finally we get to some results. They’re being given in random order, so other than the person voted off, we’ll get no data on how the votes actually went.

Ryan recaps the comments from last night for all four, then tells Kris Allen that he’s safe. I fear that Allison Iraheta is in trouble.

Chris Daughtry and his band Daughtry took the stage next. They performed “No Surprise”, the first single from their second album.

Hopefully, the rest of the album will be better than this, because I wasn’t impressed. While most of the song wasn’t as bad as the opening (which I really didn’t like), the whole thing was rather uninteresting, and seemed to go on and on.

So far, their first album was much better.

As the show was running out of time, they quickly returned to results. Adam Lambert is told he’s safe. No one is surprised.

We’re left with Allison Iraheta and Danny Gokey. Danny is told that he’s safe, and Allison is going home. She performs “Cry Baby” again, and I love it as much tonight as I did last night.

America, you got this one wrong. Either Kris or Danny should have been sent home.

The seeming inevitability of the Danny Gokey train continues on. With VoteForTheWorst backing Danny, I don’t see anyone beating him.

While having Danny in the final would make for a boring show, not winning might be a good thing for Adam. He’s going to get a record deal. That’s a foregone conclusion. Not having to perform what will certainly be a sappy winner’s song might be good for his rocker’s cred.

Kris would certainly benefit from winning, but I can’t see him beating either Danny or Adam, should he make the final. He’ll certainly be in discussions for a record deal a few days after leaving the show.

I’m not sure what Allison’s path will be at this point. Given her age, she could benefit from doing a bit more growing up. On the other hand, she’s unlikely to ever be as well known and liked as she is right now.

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  1. Nomad

    Paula did the worst lip sync performance of the season; oh the irony…

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