American Idol Top Five Performances

BritWeek 2009 Champagne VIP Reception

It was American Standards night at American Idol. The theme was supposed to be connected to the Rat Pack, but in the show at least, the ties were tenuous at best.

The mentor for the week was built up as a big surprise, and it turned out to be Jamie Fox. Really? Yes, he was in “Ray” and “Showgirls”, but that’s a bit sketchy.

It turns out he was classically trained in music, so maybe, just maybe, he’ll know a thing or two.

Kris Allen
What We Suggested: “I Got You Under My Skin”
What He Performed: “The Way You Look Tonight”

When he first started, I worried that he had pitched the song too high, but he actually has the range. Great vocal, especially for Kris.

I liked the slow part better than the fast, but it was all pretty darn good. Perhaps his best vocal of the competition.

Allison Iraheta
What We Suggested: “Blues in the Night”
What She Performed: “Someone to Watch Over Me”

Surprisingly useful advice from Jamie, especially after his non-advice for Kris.

Loved the opening. Great performance. She nailed it all the way through, and I think the studio version will be even better.

Really wasn’t expecting to see a performance with such innocence and vulnerability from the rocker girl.

Matt Giraud
What We Suggested: “Chicago”
What He Performed: “My Funny Valentine”

As predicted, he’s wearing one of his hats. Really wasn’t going out on a limb with that one, however.

Jamie is spot on with the advice of not riffing on “stay”. That’s the money note of the song, and needs to be big and full.

I liked the arrangement and Matt’s interpretation, but it wasn’t a great vocal. It was a bit pitchy in a number of spots. He sounded great on “stay”, though.

This is a solid performance for Matt, but it could be a problem as we’re down to the Top Five, and the first two performances were quite good.

Danny Gokey
What We Suggested: “Pick Yourself Up”
What He Performed: “Come Rain or Come Shine”

I liked his opening quite a bit.

He went a blues direction, which was a solid idea, but his geeky smile created a bit of an incongruity with the style.

I loved the big ending. Finally, he took a bit of a risk. The studio version of this might be really good.

Adam Lambert
What We Suggested: “Young At Heart”
What He Performed: “Feeling Good”

He was off by a week with the white suit. Where was that during Disco Week?

To be fair, I don’t love this song, while the other four are among my favorites. He did a good job as usual, but frankly, is was starting to sound like a number of his other performance. I don’t think this one will stand out.

Pretty good, but not up to his usual standards (no pun intended).

The two best performances of the night were by Kris and Allison. Adam and Danny were both good, but a definite step down from the first two.

Matt was solid. In fact, it was one of his best performances, but it was also the weakest of the night. Although VoteForTheWorst is backing Matt, I still believe he’ll be in the Bottom Two (I don’t expect there to be a Bottom Three with only five people left).

The other member of the Bottom Two is much harder to predict. I expect it will be Allison, given the amount of time she’s spent in the unhappy chairs this season.

And given that VoteForTheWorst seems to be crashed right now, I don’t think they can save Matt, and he goes home.

By the way, if my comments seem stupider than usual, it’s because the Wife is working a late shift tonight and I was watching alone. As a result, I didn’t have access to her wit and insight.

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  1. The Wife

    Thanks baby! I have to say, this week will be hard to figure out who is going home. The top 5 this year are all very strong and this is much closer that the last few seasons. I have to say my top 2 were Kris and Alison. They both were unbelievable. I liked Matt and Danny but both had pretty good moments and then amazing moments. In case you haven’t figured it out, I am a HUGE fan of Adam. I think he blows the rest out of the water. I think he did a great job but it could have been much better! I think he sounded better in the tape with Jamie Fox. I think he should win American Idol this year but for this week alone, I’d place him 3rd.

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