Honeymoon in St. Lucia, Part Three

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To close out the St. Lucia part of our honeymoon, here are pictures from our Whale and Dolphin Viewing excursion.

I had never shot dolphins in the wild before, and I must say it was quite the challenge. Their behavior is so unpredictable that by the time you’ve got them framed and in focus, they’re already on the way back down. I got an huge number of pictures of dolphin tails and of splashes.

I didn’t catch the name of this particular type of dolphin, but I did hear that they are closely related to orcas.

Unfortunately, the whales were a no-show that day. In way of compensation, they took us way down to the southern tip of St. Lucia, which gave a great view of the Pitons.

Then it was back up the coast to Castries.

These were the last pictures I took on St. Lucia. I’m nearly done working on the pictures from the Puerto Rico part of our honeymoon (which actually happened first), so I’ll post some of those pictures soon.

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