American Idol Top Nine Results

With thirty-six million votes, it’s clear that a lot of people care about the outcome of American Idol. That, or a few people care an awful lot.

I realized something while listening to Paula drone on in answer to some question from Ryan. I keep expecting the Academy Award orchestra to start playing to drown her out.

Unfortunately, that never happens.

Ryan and Kara tried to smooth over the heckling incident from last night. One of the audience members (who turned out to be Megan’s brother) yelled “Broken Record!” when Kara was critiquing Megan’s performance. What they didn’t mention was her going back during a commercial break to argue with him.

American Idol Top 13 Party

The Ford Music Video was rather cool. Certainly the best it’s been all season. They must have turned down the gain on Megan’s mic.

The wife and I were actually watching live for a change, so we watched the group sing. While the solo parts of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” weren’t too tragic, the group part still sounded like a cruise ship number. I can only assume the American Idol Summer Tour is very much like this.

Ryan starts the results be breaking the contestants into three groups of three:

  1. Megan Corkery, Matt Giraud, Kris Allen
  2. Adam Lambert, Lil Rounds, Allison Iraheta
  3. Danny Gokey, Scott MacIntyre, Anoop Desai

He suggests that one of these groups might be the Bottom Three. I’m not buying that for a moment.

David Cook played next. While they didn’t discuss this on the show, it had been previously disclosed that his performance had been taped earlier because of a family problem (he cancelled a couple of shows earlier in the week). I can only fear that it’s about his brother, who has been fighting cancer for a decade.

I feel for ya, David.

So, we’re back to the results. Ryan goes to the first group. Kris is safe. Matt is safe. Megan is in the Bottom Three. There is justice in this world.

She actually squawks and flaps her arms as she walks over to the chair. It’s clear she stopped caring some time ago. Too bad.

Ryan heads to the middle group. Lil is safe. Allison is in the Bottom Threee. Adam is safe.

And to the final group. Danny is safe. Either Scott or Anoop is in the Bottom Three. It’s Anoop.

Megan is becoming exceedingly annoying sitting in the Bottom Three section. She’s in full-on Sanjaya mode. Just doesn’t care.

Lady GaGa performs next. Either that was a very strange performance, or I am seriously out of touch with pop culture.

Actually, both are probably true.

The show is running out of time, so they quickly get back to the Results. Allison is told she’s safe.

So, why does Allison keep ending up in the Bottom Three? She has amazing vocal and performance skills!

Let’s get it out there: while she seems nice enough, she’s a bit charisma challenged. As a result, she has little room for error. Her experience and knowledge are limited by her age, making song choice rather tough. And the consistently inconsistent advice from the judges doesn’t help.

I still think she has the talent to end up in the Final Three. But she also has the capacity to flame out at any moment.

The Bottom Two are Megan and Anoop. I wouldn’t be heart-broken to see either sent home, but Anoop at least has some upside. Megan’s attitude has gotten so bad that I’m really sick of her.

And, Megan is indeed the lowest vote getter of the week. Simon makes it clear that they’re not going to even consider saving her, so she squawks through her song again and flutters off into the sunset.

Next week is “Songs from the Year You Were Born”. Since all but one (Allison) were born in my decade, the 80’s, the wife and I definitely plan to make suggestions of what they should sing.

Maybe they’ll listen to us this time.

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