American Idol, Top Eleven Performances

It’s Country Week on American Idol, with songs from members of the Grand Ole Opry.

Michael Sarver
Ain’t Goin’ Down Till the Sun Comes Up by Garth Brooks

Just too big a song for Sarver. It sounded like he was having trouble keeping up, and was out of breath half way through.

Allison Iraheta
Blame It On the Heart by Patty Loveless

Great song choice. It should really work as a bluesy, rocky song. She was a bit behind the beat at points. Good, but not great, and far from her best.

Kris Allen
To Make You Feel My Love by Garth Brooks (written by Bob Dylan)

Bet you never knew Bob Dylan wrote country music. He actually wrote this wonderful song popularized by Garth Brooks in the movie “Hope Floats”.

Kris’ version was fantastic. Good song choice. Great vocal. The changes were not over the top. I really liked the way he broke the song into its simple roots.

Lil Rounds
Independence Day by Martina McBride

Gutsy, but dangerous song choice. Pitch problems through much of the song.

The chorus was much better, but weak throughout. Not what we expect from Lil.

Adam Lambert
Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash

This Middle Eastern version of the Johnny Cash classic was weird. To say the least. Sounded like something the Doors might have done in their strangest, most acid tripping days.

As always, his voice sounded good, but what a strange choice of song.

Scott MacIntyre
Wild Angels by Martina McBride

Really liked the opening, but some of the high notes in the song were rough.

I agree that he needs to change things up. His sound is nice, but is starting to get a bit boring.

Alexis Grace
Jolene by Dolly Parton

Decent intro, but I didn’t like the “woo-woo” part. Good, but her weakest performance thus far.

Danny Gokey
Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood

The tone of the verse was nice, but there were some rough spots. He was really not under the song very well.

The chorus was great, but overall a weak performance for Gokey.

Anoop Desai
You Were Always On My Mind by Willie Nelson

Wow. Who is this guy?

Really loved the opening. His best vocal by far. Great connection and emotion.

The wife wants to know what’s up with the pastel hoodie, however.

Megan Corkrey
I Go Walking After Midnight by Patsy Cline

Stand still, Girl!

I’ve really liked the sound of Megan’s voice, but tonight was just rough. I understand that she’s sick, but it got worse as it went on.

The wife wonders if the studio version will be better.

Matt Giraud
So Small by Carrie Underwood

A nice vocal, although a bit pitchy at points. I like the way he brought it down at the end.

The wife liked it better than Underwood’s version.

So, it was a surprising week. The favorites showed some weakness, while Noop Dog, Matt Giraud, and Kris Allen blew the doors off the place.

The weakest performances of the night were Michael Sarver and Megan Corkrey, and I expect them to be our bottom two.

With Vote For the Worst still backing Corkrey, and Sarver having the dreaded first spot, look for Sarver to be back on the oil rig next week.

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