Texas Bumped Back to the Bubble by Baylor

Alliteration in the title means it’s an extra fine blog post, right?

Big 12 Championship:  Baylor v Texas

Baylor’s upset victory over Texas Friday night extends an impressive run in the Big 12 Tournament. With one more win over Missouri in the final Saturday, they gain an automatic bid into the Big Dance.

This would surely mean bids would be given to Baylor, Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. That’s four teams in from the Big 12 Conference.

The committee would have to either pass over at least one of either Texas A&M, Oklahoma State or Texas, or send seven teams from the Big 12 to the tournament. They’ve never done the latter before.

Texas A&M, Oklahoma State and Texas tied in conference play at 9-7.

Texas A&M may be in due to their over all record of 23-9, their best of the three. They split their games with Texas. On the other hand, they laid an egg against Texas Tech Wednesday, going home in the first round of the Big 12 Tournament. That might be enough to leave them out.

Texas and Oklahoma State also split their two regular season games. Texas does have marque wins over UCLA, Villanova and Oklahoma, but they were crushed by Oklahoma State just two weeks ago.

Okie Lite upset Oklahoma Thursday in the Big 12 Conference.

If Baylor loses to Missouri Saturday, all this gnashing of teeth goes away as the committee won’t give an at-large spot to a team that only won five games in conference play, and Texas, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma State would all be headed to the dance.

If Baylor wins, Selection Sunday gets very interesting for the Longhorns. Many pundits think Texas is a lock, but I’m not so sure. When they’ve looked bad this year, they’ve looked really bad.

All I can say right now is, “Go Missouri!”

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