American Idol, Top 13 Performances

Overall, a night of solid performances, with only one or two that were rather poor.

The theme of the night was the “Music of Michael Jackson”. I was going to ask how much MJ paid for this promotion, but I doubt he could afford the price.

The contestants entered from alternating staircases, which led to a nauseating back and forth with the camera. Try something else, Fox.

And I have to ask, did Paula strangle a bird with the strap of her dress?

Lil Rounds
The Way You Make Me Feel

This performances was rather boring, I thought. It never seemed to go anywhere. She would transition to another section of the song, and it would sound the same as the previous section. That could be the song itself, however.

She may be doing the best one could with this song.

But, how many homecoming mums gave their lives for that blouse?

Scott MacIntyre
Keep the Faith

I don’t know the song. It was a bit pitchy in the opening. I really liked everything after that, however.

It’s amazing that he can learn to play a song by ear in just a few days.

Danny Gokey

The opening was… um… interesting.

Really liked it once he opened it up. Although his dancing was a bit odd, he really works the crowd well.

How many pairs of glasses does this guy own?

Michael Sarver
You’re Not Alone

Where did the soulful guy of weeks past go? And why was he replaced by a cheap version of Michael Bolton?

Wow. I really thought that was awful. The wife said is was “elevator music”.

Jasmine Murray
I’ll Be There

Better vocals than she’s had in a while, although there were some pitchy points.

Overall, I liked it. And I loved her ending.

We were a bit surprised that the crowd didn’t boo Simon’s negative comments.

Kris Allen
Remember the Time

Kinda like the folksy version. Actually, I like it better than the original.

He should probably hold off on the dancing, however.

Allison Iraheta
Give It to Me

I liked parts of it. She’s got a great rocker vibe, but there something about the song, or the way she sang it, that didn’t work for me.

Great poise and I love the raspiness of her voice.

Anoop Desai
Beat It

I loved the song choice. I reject the idea that certain songs are “untouchable”.

Noop Dog is certainly way behind the rest of the group in vocal talent, but if he keeps being this entertaining, who knows what could happen? As the wife put it, it was the first song tonight where it seemed to finish too soon.

I don’t agree with the judges about the song choice, but he might have done well with “ABC”. Or “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough”, said the wife.

Jorge Nuñez
Never Can Say Goodbye

Our first truly bad performance tonight. It was really pitchy throughout and seemed totally disconnected.

Megan Corkrey
Rockin’ Robin

I love her voice. Thought the sound was good, as always, but the twisty moves were very distracting (as always).

The final note was pitchy and weak.

And was that a bird noise at the end? Maybe it came from Paula’s dress.

Adam Lambert
This is Black and White

Song doesn’t really fit him. It just isn’t something that you can rock. Yes, he tried to rework the song into his genre, but it just didn’t come together for me.

His stage presence is great.

Matt Giraud
Human Nature

I thought the arrangement and performance were too straight forward. I wish he’d done something more with it.

He should carry through on last Thursday’s performance, however.

Alexis Grace
Dirty Diana

I’ve never heard this song (that I can remember), but I like it. She’s really letting the sexy girl out.

She also seems very comfortable on the stage.

Got a bit screechy at the end.

So, a fairly solid night of performances. Vote For The Worst is pushing for Megan, which shows how solid the talent is this year.

With an extra being brought through last week, two are going home tonight to get them back on schedule. Most likely to go home are Anoop and Jorge, with Matt and Michael on the bubble.

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