Jason Garrett to the St. Louis Rams?

Dallas Cowboys v Pittsburgh Steelers

Today’s Dallas Cowboys rumor is that it will be announced tomorrow (Saturday, January 17th) that Jason Garrett will be named the new head coach of the St. Louis Rams.

Much of the shine that Garrett had after last season has been tarnished. It would not surprise me if Jerry wasn’t as keen to keep him with the Cowboys as he was last season.

Some believe that the game has passed him by, but I don’t buy that. He’s clearly a solid X’s and O’s guy.

What he lacks, unfortunately, is any ability to lead. That was apparent this season, and has been confirmed as a prevalent opinion within the Cowboys locker room (by a first-hand source that is extremely close to the team).

One of the more interesting wrinkles is the idea that Garrett put a “me or T.O.” ultimatum to Jerry Jones.

This may or may not be true (I have no confirmed information either way), but it’s very possible that Jones would let Garrett walk, even if he plans to give T.O. the boot in the near future. It would be a great way to get out from under an expensive contract, that doesn’t look as attractive as it once did.

I can only hope that whatever the real story is here, Owens gets sent packing soon.

Update: The St. Louis Rams passed on Garrett and chose Steve Spagnuolo, formerly defensive coordinator of the New York Giants, as their new head coach.

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