T.O. May Be Done in Dallas

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles

The rumors and grumblings are growing within the Dallas Cowboys locker room that wide receiver Terrell Owens needs to be let go. I know I wouldn’t shed a tear if he were given his papers.

If this year proved anything, it’s how critical chemistry is to a professional team. Looking strictly at the talent level in Dallas, they should have made a run deep into the playoffs. Instead, the team never really came together as a unit, and they didn’t make the playoffs, finishing the season with a humiliating loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Some of the blame goes to a lack of leadership (e.g. Jerry Jones, Wade Phillips, Jason Garrett, and Tony Romo), but divisive elements like Owens only make the situation worse. T.O. is a drama queen who creates problems when there aren’t any, and makes small problems larger.

Don’t misunderstand, there’s nothing wrong with Owens’ talent or work ethic. The way he came back from injury to play in the Superbowl for the Eagles was nothing short of amazing.

The problem is his attitude. I think saying everything with T.O. is just about T.O. is an oversimplified explanation. He certainly wants to succeed and win, but something in his psyche keeps that from happening.

I’d hoped that things might be different in Dallas, but that was at best a fool’s paradise.

Apparently, owner Jerry Jones still supports T.O., but Stephen Jones (Cowboy’s VP and Jerry’s son) will try to convince him that T.O. needs to go.

The fans certainly won’t miss him. The boos when T.O. ran out during the Giants-Cowboys game last month were extremely loud, and only got louder each time he dropped a pass.

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