Holiday Bowl Thoughts

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl  - Oklahoma State v Oregon

With Oklahoma State’s loss to Oregon 42-31 in the Holiday Bowl, the Big 12 Conference is 1-1 in bowl play. It was the shootout we expected it to be, with Oregon only pulling away late in the game.

So, some random thoughts, in no particular order…

Neither Oklahoma State nor Missouri did much to dispel the notion that the Big 12 Conference does not play defense.

I don’t expect Kansas to help that cause tonight.

The Oregon uniforms remind me that I need a new toolbox.

Mike Gundy may tell reporters that he is a man, but Dez Bryant is the man. If he doesn’t get hurt, I think OSU pulls this one out.

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl  - Oklahoma State v Oregon

Wouldn’t be surprised if Zac Robinson got a concussion on one of those hits. He seemed like he wasn’t all there late in the game. More so than one would expect from the lose of Bryant.

Seeing Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli run over Oklahoma State safety Quinton Moore on the way to the end zone was a hell of a thing.

Disrespecting the Pac 10 is a bit of a hobby of mine. They earned some respect last night.

Several Holiday Bowl records were set in the game:

  • Jeremiah Johnson’s 76 yard touchdown run for Oregon surpassed one set by Barry Sanders.
  • Dez Bryant set records with 13 catches for 167 yards.

It was a hell of a game, and an indication of why the Holiday Bowl is one of my favorites of the bowl season.

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