Honeymoon in St. Lucia, Part Two

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Now lets take a look at some of the photos from our first excursion in St. Lucia, the “Catamaran Day Sail with Lunch and Snorkel”. Although we booked our excursion prior to the honeymoon, we were on a sailboat with couples from the Sandals Resorts in the island. So, no kids!

We loaded into our catamaran in Castries, and headed down the west side of the island, eventually reaching Soufrière, near the picturesque and world famous Pitons.

Soufrière gets its name from the sulfur volcano next door.

While we were in a catamaran, and the sails were up, the engines ran the whole way.

Next, we took a tour the famous botanical gardens and waterfall near Soufrière. They have been used as backdrops in a number of movies including “Romancing the Stone” and “Superman II”.

Lunch was in a restaurant in the hills overlooking Soufrière.

After lunch, we began sailing back up the island. On the way, we stopped in a small lagoon for snorkeling. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to see there other than some small fish, an occasional rock, and a lot of sandy seabed. Just floating in the water was nice, however.

After about 45 minutes of floating, we loaded back up in the boat. Unfortunately, the engines wouldn’t start. They finally got one of them running, and we were on our way again, albeit slowly. The crew compensated for the snails pace up the island by pushing large amounts of beer and “jungle juice”, a kind of rum punch. It was a party all the way, with singing, drinking and dancing to The Booty Song, Big Bamboo, and of course, Suzette.

Next, we’ll take a look at our Whale and Dolphin Watching excursion.

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