Time for the Cowboys to Dig Deep

By all accounts, the game tonight between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys shouldn’t even be close. New York is the defending Superbowl Champion, and has quite possibly been playing even better ball this season.

Dallas Cowboys v Pittsburgh Steelers

And the drama for the Cowboys continues to increases, with Terrell Owens and Jason Witten having to be separated earlier this week.

The problem with the Cowboys this year is a lack of leadership. Head coach Wade Phillips couldn’t lead his team out of a wet paper bag, and owner Jerry Jones would rather make accusations of softness against his starting tail back, Marion Barber, who is probably one of the toughest guys in the league.

And on the field itself, the leadership vacuum is just as pronounced. I love what Tony Romo is able to do at the quarterback position, but he has yet to make this his team. Now is the time for him to do so.

Dallas must win out to be assured of a wild card playoff spot.

Make the team yours, Tony. Inspire them to play the best football that they can.

The wife and I will be there in Section 106, Row 2 cheering you and the Boys on. Get it done for us!

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