Ranking the MCU Movies


I saw Captain America: Civi War on Monday, so I’m now up to date on the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As of this moment, here is how I rank the thirteen movies, from worst to best.

13) The Incredible Hulk
This movie was just bad. Contrived and boring. It’s a good thing Iron Man had come out a month or so before it to show what the MCU potential way.

12) Iron Man 2
I’m a fan of …

Predator versus the Knights Templar?


This may be my favorite fan film of all time. It imagines that Predators have been visiting the earth for a thousand years, at least, and explores a group of Templar Knights going up against our favorite extraterrestrial huntsman.

The cinematic quality is extremely high, especially for a fan film. The writing is solid, although there are a couple two many call-backs to the original Schwarzenegger movie for my taste.

My only real complaint is that the film paused several …